Ab.Acus is a research-driven, market-oriented SME based in Milan, Italy and founded in 2006. Ab.Acus’ main goal is spreading and exploiting ICT and engineering-based methodologies in the field of social sciences, humanities and medicine. A multidisciplinary, multicultural, trans-sectorial, and inclusive approach to research and innovation is at the core of Ab.Acus’ methodologies.

Ab.Acus has wide expertise in international multidisciplinary projects: for example, among the Horizon 2020 projects, Ab.Acus was coordinating the RETRAINER project, completed in March 2019, is partner in the MoveCare project and has participated in the just ended REELER project.

Role in LongITools

Ab.Acus will contribute to work packages 4, 5 and 6 by supporting the identification of appropriate sensors and analysis protocols for long term lifestyle and environment monitoring for the different target populations. In work package 7, Ab.Acus will be in charge of the app development for the individual risk assessment and the setup of an adequate web based dashboard for LongITools results, browsing by stakeholders. Ab.Acus will also support the setup and running of a proof of concept for the app.

Maria Bulgheroni

Principal Investigator (PI) and Software Development

Maria, an electronic engineer, has been Ab.Acus’ Research & Development Director since 2006. Her expertise is in the planning and management of R&D projects and in the design and development of software applications. Her main working fields are assistive technology, biomechanics, scientific and diagnostic instrumentation management, and factory automation. She is also involved in teaching activities in academic and professional environments and she has authored publications in motion analysis of humans and animals and neuropsychology applications. In LongITools, she is responsible for the design and management of the risk assessment app development.

Enrico d’Amico

Proof of Concept Management

Enrico, founder and CEO, is in charge of Ab.Acus strategic planning. He has relevant experience and a deep knowledge of the international medical market that makes use of ICT. He has been deeply involved as Managing Director, CEO and founder in industrial experiences in the fields of biotechnology, electronics and virtual reality. His educational and professional background is in biomedical engineering and in R&D for rehabilitation and monitoring purposes. Enrico has long term expertise in the management and running of European and international research projects and he is author of several publications in motion analysis, assistive technologies and rehabilitation. His role in LongITools is to manage the organisation and monitoring of the proof of concept for the risk assessment app.

Valentina Simonetti

Data Science and Software Development

Valentina is a biomedical engineer and software developer. She is mostly involved in the development of solutions for the technical translation of pure research in the fields of life science and health. Her main expertise is in the design and implementation of algorithms for signal and video processing, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, with experience also in the field of natural language processing. She was actively involved in the development of the sensor processing module in H2020 project m-Resist. In LongITools she will implement the algorithms for the sensor signal processing coming from smartphones and wearables and she will contribute to the app development and testing.

Laura Giani

Junior R & D Software Developer

Laura graduated in Biomedical Engineering with honors in April 2021, focusing on electronics, sensors, biosignal processing and machine learning. Her master thesis was used in a project proposed by the Italian Space Agency with the title "Development of a wearable, IMU based, system for real-time monitoring of astronauts training during long-term space missions". She is currently working in Ab.Acus on the design and development of mobile applications aimed at long term monitoring of activity and health status. In LongITools she will work on the implementation of the risk assessment app front-end and testing.