Beta Technology


About Beta

Beta Technology is a private limited company (SME) based in the UK. Its mission is to connect people and knowledge to promote innovation. Beta has been supporting EU research projects for over 20 years, providing specialist expertise in communication, dissemination and exploitation. The company has been involved in a number of high profile health projects and has developed tried and tested methodologies to enable consortia to generate impact from their research through the successful translation of results. Beta is well networked at a European level and is experienced in stakeholder engagement, facilitating dialogue with groups such as policymakers and patient groups.

Role in LongITools

Beta is leading work package 9 and is responsible for coordinating all communication, dissemination and exploitation activity within the project.

Jo Boulding

Work Package 9 Leader

Jo is a project management expert with substantial experience in successfully managing publicly funded projects, both as a deliverer and funder. With skills in the design, implementation and management of large scale, multi-stakeholder business support and EU research projects, she will monitor Beta’s project activities and ensure deliverables are completed on time and to budget. Jo will also use her expertise to support the project’s communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.


Claire Webster

Communication and Dissemination Lead

Claire has over 13 years of marketing experience working in a number of consultancy firms and has managed multiple projects with a variety of stakeholders. She has expertise in both traditional and digital marketing including websites, social media, events, PR. She recently managed all communications activity for the H2020 project DynaHEALTH. Claire is responsible for leading LongITools' communication and dissemination activity and is the press contact.


Jayne Evans

Exploitation Lead

Jayne is a director and co-owner of Beta, with expertise in business development and strategic communications. She has been involved in EU research programmes for over 20 years and is a former National Contact Point. Jayne is experienced in supporting the take up and commercialisation of research results and will be leading on the exploitation activities for the LongITools project. Jayne is also passionate about science communication and has delivered training programmes to young researchers and directed the production of a number of high impact videos.