CyNexo is a small and recent start-up whose team has over 20 years’ combined experience in mechatronics engineering, project and process management for both academic and private institutions. The team has spent the last few years working on scientific lab hardware, sensors integration and software. Additionally, CyNexo is working on Industry 4.0 platforms to support small and medium enterprises in the adoption of the right technology for a closed loop quality and process evaluation and optimisation.

Role in LongITools

CyNexo is contributing to work package 7 by leading the creation of a modular and expandable hardware IoT platform, protocols and wearable sensors in order to collect data on human, indoor and outdoor environmental parameters.

Stefano Parusso

Principal Investigator (PI)

Stefano is a founding partner of CyNexo and an electronics engineer with over 15 years’ experience. He has proven ability to develop fully functional embedded devices from idea to production as well as the use of deep learning approaches in various contexts. In addition to his extensive experience in private companies focused on embedded vision systems, embedded secure devices development and medical devices, he has spent more than 7 years developing hardware and software solutions for all aspects of neuroscience research. His role in LongITools will be as PI, heading the hardware systems development team, as well as leveraging his previous experience as a Horizon 2020 project work package leader.

Fabrizio Manzino

Team Member

Fabrizio is Managing Director of CyNexo and an expert in software development and hardware integration. He is a certified LabView developer and manages LabView academy at SISSA. He has over 10 years' experience in setting up research experiments, especially in neurosciences. He also has extensive experience in supporting researchers in the development of new hardware and software instrumentation to get the most out of their experiments, acquiring and managing large and real-time data sets. His role in LongITools is to lead CyNexo's software development efforts to build the IoT platform which will compliment and unify the innovative hardware sensors being developed within this project.

Christopher Castleton

Team Member

Christopher is another of CyNexo's founding partners and a mechanical engineer with significant experience in business, quality, project management and operational excellence, spanning multiple industries and continents. He has spent over fifteen years working in various R&D engineering, project management, business development, process optimisation, consultant and trainer roles. Christopher has also been involved in green field projects and start-ups and applies his experience towards helping SMEs create new growth opportunities by focusing on innovation and customer value. His role in LongITools is as CyNexo's project manager.