Tor Vergata University of Rome

The Centre for Economic and International Studies (CEIS) was established by the University of Tor Vergata in 1987. Its mission is to conduct high quality policy-relevant research on economic issues that call for innovative and impact-oriented responses from the academic community; to promote advanced training in key areas of economics. Its research agenda covers different fields of economics, with a special focus on economic development and growth theory, EU economy, health and public policy and others. According to REPEC, CEIS ranks in the top 5% of the world Economic Research Centres and Universities and is one of the first within the Italian research centres.

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Role in LongITools

The University of Tor Vergata will lead work package 8, assessing and quantifying the economic burden associated with metabolic and cardiovascular non-communicable diseases over an individual’s life-course using dynamic microsimulation modelling.

Professor Vincenzo Atella

Principal Investigator (PI) and WP8 Leader

Vincenzo is Professor of Economics at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. He is President Elect of the Italian Health Economics Association (AIES), Scientific Director of the FarmaFactoring Foundation, Senior Expert of the Ministry of Health, Chief Economist of the Italian Association of General Practitioners and member and co-founder of the Italian Public Affairs Association. He is responsible for leading work package 8 in LongITools.

Dr Andrea Piano Mortari

Research Team

Andrea is a researcher at CEIS and works in applied health economics, econometrics and Stata programming. He is responsible for the EU-FEM dynamic microsimulation model. He has been involved in both national and international research projects calling for the creation, management and analysis of large administrative and observational datasets. In LongITools, he will contribute to develop a new dynamic microsimulation model for non-communicable disease and build and analyse policy-relevant “what-if” scenarios.

Dr Joanna Kopinska

Research Team

Joanna is a researcher and a lecturer in Health Economics at CEIS. She concentrates on work in health, public, and labor economics. Her work focuses on economic analysis of child development, socioeconomic differences in health and access to health care, environmental threats to health, and policies targeting disadvantaged populations. Institutionally, she has been involved in research projects affiliated both with the international organizations (OECD, UN, WB) and national stakeholders (Department of Health, ISTAT, INPS). In LongITools she will play a role in analysing and evaluating the economic consequences of non-communicable diseases.