University Medical Center Groningen


The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is the second largest academic hospital in the Netherlands with a staff of over 12,000 people in patient care, education, training and research, with a focus on ‘Healthy Ageing’. The Genomics Coordination Center is a bioinformatics core facility and a large data stewardship unit between the UMC and University of Groningen. Its mission is to unlock the full potential of next-generation omics, translational and biobank experiments towards personalised medicine and systems genetics for rare and common disease.    

Role in LongITools

UMCG is leading work package 2 and is responsible for the development of FAIR data infrastructure for multi-centre exposome data stewardship and analysis.

Cohort catalogue (under construction): UMCG members will employ their experience in federated data sharing with Molgenis to ensure ‘open source’ use and sharing of exposome data, now and in the future.   

Morris Swertz

Work Package 2 Leader

Morris is a Professor and Head of the Genomics Coordination Center at UMCG. He has developed a novel high-throughput framework to enable large data management and genome analyses that had previously been impossible. The framework has now been used in more than 50 studies and resulted in many discoveries. He is lead of Dutch national ‘Biobank IT and bioinformatics’ as well as co-lead of the UMCG Personalized Medicine Programme. Morris is responsible for leading the data infrastructure work package in LongITools.


Eleanor Hyde

Team Member

Eleanor’s expertise lies in more than 20 years’ experience of working on IT projects, both at a European level for clients across Europe for PricewaterhouseCoopers and at the company level for the Dutch national gas transport company, Gasunie. Working on many different IT projects, she has designed, programmed and tested systems, trained users, project-managed and managed clients - and everything in between. With a background in French and Linguistics (University of Oxford) she is delighted to be working on European-level projects again.


Esther van Enckevort

Team Member

Esther van Enckevort is a Project Manager at the Department of Genetics at UMCG. She is an expert in software development, data harmonisation, catalogues, and FAIR. She has a strong systems engineering background, including ontologies and semantic web. In recent years she has extended her expertise by leading the development of various catalogues (including BBMRI-ERIC Directory, RD-Connect, and LifeCycle). She has been involved in the EJP-RD since its inception and is the work package lead in the EUCAN-Connect project for the federated catalogue work package.


about Molgenis

Molgenis is open-source and offers a suite of tools to support your complete research data cycle and enable FAIR data research. We aim to accelerate scientific research and facilitate collaborations. A great advantage of Molgenis is the possibility to adjust a tool on demand and with a view to future developments. The tools can be used for research support, next-generation sequencing, multi-omics research, biobanking, genome diagnostics, infrastructure and publication of your data.

To find about more about what it can provide please visit the Features page of the Molgenis website.