Metadata Catalogue

An online, searchable tool enabling exposome researchers to access rich metadata about all the data sets available within the LongITools consortium. 

The LifeCycle data catalogue has been used as the basis to develop the catalogue, with the addition of further data sets and variables. To make the data interoperable, each LongITools data set has mapped an initial set of exposome variables to an agreed definition (a harmonised or ‘common’ data model). The catalogue comprises:

  • A findability function
  • Harmonised mapping system
  • User manuals
  • Standard operating procedures.

By bringing together metadata on many existing networks and data sets, in one open science platform, we will ensure better data reuse and increased benefit to scientific communities.

Function: The catalogue will enable exposome researchers to assess all the data sets available from LongITools, and the suitability of the data sets to answer specific research questions.

Access: The catalogue software is free and open source, available for other projects to reuse, as part of the MOLGENIS* software platform. The actual data within the data sets will be accessible to researchers via DataSHIELD** or another method, under a specific data sharing agreement.

Timescale for completion: Autumn 2023.

The catalogue has been developed and is currently being refined to improve the user interface.


The Metadata Catalogue Explained

Click here for a more detailed image.


*Molgenis uses molgenis-emx2 open source software (license: LGPLv3).  Van der Velde et al (2018), Swertz et al (2010).

**DataSHIELD was developed as part of the EU FP7-funded BioSHARE project and is used in the LifeCycle and EUCAN-Connect projects, amongst others.


Refining the catalogue

The catalogue is being used by the LongITools partners and it is hoped that data sets from all the EHEN projects will be added to the catalogue. A developer is working on improvements to the design of the catalogue to improve the user experience.