Policy Options

Resources for policymakers, supported by scientific evidence and economic analysis, to inform the development of future policies.

Policy options, backed up by robust scientific evidence generated during the project, will be published in a policy briefing at the end of the project. The options will consider current policy and help inform the development of future policies at local, regional, national and EU levels. The policy options will incorporate economic aspects and ‘what-if’ scenarios, via the Economic Simulation Platform, to ensure that the associated costs and benefits associated are also provided to policymakers.

To enable more effective translation of the research findings into potential social innovations and real policy change, two ‘Science Connecting Policy’ workshops will be held during the project. The first workshop, held in June 2021, allowed policymakers early engagement with the project. The second will be used to disseminate the policy options resulting from the LongITools project.

Timescale for completion: Winter 2024


Next policy forum

Our next policy forum, focused on cardiovascular disease, will take place on Thursday 29th September. To find out more or to register click here.

Policy Forum: Obesity

Our latest policy forum, held on 30th March 2022, focused on obesity and its impact across the life-course. Speakers and participants discussed the definition of obesity from a clinical and a policy perspective, as well as why it matters. Find out more in this news article.